Giving a voice to all things infertility, pregnancy, and motherhood after infertility

Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.
— Brené Brown

About Me & Find Your TTC Tribe

Hey there, and Welcome to the tribe!

My name is Kristyn. I am a former infertility warrior and brand new mama to boy/girl twins conceived via IVF. I am also a huge book nerd, a fitness enthusiast, a lover of country music, a wife, and an obsessed dog mom to a mini australian shepherd puppy named Nash (short for my favorite city, Nashville).

I started Find Your TTC Tribe because having experienced infertility firsthand, I know that the journey of trying to conceive can be incredibly confusing and isolating. I remember thinking to myself when I started at the fertility clinic, "I wish there was a handbook for this!" With Find Your TTC Tribe, my goal is to be the resource I wish I had both then and now, as I navigate "crossing over" from the world of fertility treatments into new motherhood.

I truly believe that the scars of infertility don’t fade the minute you find out you’re pregnant. My mission with Find Your TTC Tribe is to be a voice that shows women they are not alone in their struggles, to empower them to share their personal stories, and to provide them with resources for every stage of their #TTC journey, from infertility to pregnancy and motherhood. The hope is to create a community surrounding issues that so many experience but so few talk about. It's time for us to start talking! 


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